What is A2A eCampus Software?
eCampus A2A

What is A2A eCampus Software?

What is A2A eCampus Software?

Nowadays Everything is online and technology plays an important role for the growth of any industry. Similarly in the education sector Online Lectures change a lot for the growth of the industry. Without changing the technology any industry will remain the same in its present condition.eCampus A2A module provides and creates an automated system in their overall process, which benefits the Education sector to run and perform smooth work. Now lets understand what eCampus A2A Software is which plays an important role in the growth of any University.

eCampus A2A is a software for the education sector which comes out with the many no. of tools available to transform a handy process into an Automated Process. A2A software comes out with many features which makes it mandatory for the education sector to start using in their campus premises. Some of the features of A2A Software are:

Powerful and Customised Dashboards: Dashboards with the performance analyzer and integrated with all your communication and marketing networks to check the performance of marketing in one place. Every tool with their individual dashboards helps to check individual performance of the task. CRM, LMS and OMS dashboards also help to take further decisions for the future benefits.

Academic Process: When all your tasks are automated and organised at one place. You can focus on your priorities and attract more students to learn according to their progress. By adding and organising academic things like Time Table, Assignments, Attendance, Program Process, Communication, Student Progress Report and Course Content all your Academic Process is automated.

Layers of Security: With the help of cloud based security and storage all your data are secured in the cloud database by which you can manually add and delete your files as per your requirements.

Affordable Subscriptions: With all the necessary combination of LMS + CRM + OMS you can automate your all process and also reduces your costs by the subscription based payment model.

What are tools in the eCampus A2A Software?
Tools which benefit universities to perform efficient all over tasks like Admission Process, Customer Relationship , Academic Teaching etc. Let us tell you about tools of A2A Software:

Customer Relation Management (CRM) :

eCampus Customer Relation Management (CRM)
eCampus Customer Relation Management (CRM)

One in all CRM Module which creates all processes automated and helps in managing all the marketing activities in one place. From tracking leads to sending follow up CRM helps your admission team to boost their progress and generate more business for their university. Now understand some of the features of CRM

Lead Management: Manage and Track your leads into one place in real time. Tightly AI based system to track and understand user behaviour which benefits counsellor to send follow ups.
Lead Nurturing: By keeping reminding again and again which helps you to never miss a lead. Boosts your admission process and helps universities generate more revenue with no extra wasting time.
Regulation Automation: By Completing tasks in minutes without human assistance all processes in the CRM are automated. Dashboards are designed in a manner which understands user behaviour and suggest accordingly.
Marketing Management: With integrated all marketing platforms into one place. You can easily send interactive emails, messages and push notifications to your target audience. Also with the analytic tools you can also understand your growing audience. It also helps in marketing techniques.

Learning Management System (LMS):

eCampus Learning Management System (LMS)
eCampus Learning Management System (LMS)

A smooth teaching and learning process are enabled with the help of various features of LMS. LMS provides customised development programs and helps teachers to add course materials, Time Tables etc to make all teaching methods digital. Some of the features of LMS which makes it beneficial.

Customizable Academic: You can add your academic resources like course materials, libraries, Time Tables etc. You can easily manage your data according to your requirements in the Customizable Academic Configuration.

Progress Reports: With the personalised AI based system. Students can check their progress reports in one place which benefits both teachers and students to make further progress. LMS monitored students progress and notified teachers to advise more.

Personal Manager: Teachers can manage their lectures and courses effectively in LMS with their personal Manager. LMS generates reports and assignments and adds start and end time which helps students to complete and meet the assignment deadline.

Motivational Design: LMS provides a smooth user experience to understand better and also entertain to meet up their end goal. By making challenges in course material students enjoy while doing tasks which builds their interest in learning.

HRMS Platform:

eCampus HRMS
eCampus HRMS

eCampus HRMS platform makes all the Human Resource process automated. With AI based tracking systems you can easily manage your attendance, salary management, leave request and approval and more. It creates a smooth,digital and accurate workflow. Let see some of the features of HRMS A2A Software

Department Data Management: By adding all the related information of all the peoples of University, you can record all the important information and also help in tracking their progress to verify their performance which benefits university insights.

Leave Data Management: Manage leave requests is the most confusing task of HR. But with the help of HRMS A2A the process became automated and helps in managing records and also in creating reports.

Time Tracking and Attendance Management: With the help of HRMS all the data are tracked and automated which creates a smooth and efficient work balance. Helps to invest their time in important tasks.

Performance Management: HR can also add and manage tasks for individuals or also for others to monitor performance for the development of skills.

Admission Management:

eCampus Admission Management
eCampus Admission Management

Admission Management: A2A Admission and Enrollment tool plays an important role in adding or eliminating applications you get through your admission process. By this your overall process turns into an efficient and simple task. Helps you in managing the task on the Time. Some Features of Admission Management are:

Multiple Forms: With the multiple type of Templates for forms the users interaction will increase which benefits Universities to get tons of Leads of Students.

Auto Enrollment: A2A provides an Auto Enrollment System which eliminates the manual process and turns into an Automatic Process which saves time of Counsellor.

Ticketing System: The Ticketing System helps in managing and maintaining the complaints raised by the students. This system transfers all the tickets to the support teams dashboard.

Analytics: By automation process, the system learns, examines and analyses the data from multiple sources which benefits admin to check the analytical data to understand better.

Online Exam and Monitoring Platform:

eCampus Online Exam and Monitoring Platform
eCampus Online Exam and Monitoring Platform

A Highly secured and friendly platform to organise and monitor exams with the AI based Proctoring tool. Helps invigilators to deeply examine the students’ behaviour while writing exams. Know some of the features of Online Examination System are:

Pre Examination Management: Pre Examination Management to do several procedures like data setup, students information and data, Scheduling, adding question paper etc. to work efficiently.

Conduct Examination: With the scheduling feature the examination starts on time and with the layers of security the invigilating process becomes simple. Easy access to question papers for students.

Post Examination Management: To manage the after exam process A2A Software helps in performing all the tasks like computing final marks, delivering reports to individual students. It becomes a smooth process for teachers.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

eCampus ERP
eCampus ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning is also a tool from eCampus A2A for Universities to streamline and manage their overall resources like students and teachers information. It is a combination of CRM and Admission Management in which all the other useful aspects are interlinked with each other to make the process Automated. Some features of ERP are:

Inventory Management: With the help of ERP you can manage all your inventory or assets online. You will get all the information of your teachers and students on a simple one click.

Course Management: eCampus A2A ERP also helps you to manage your LMS Courses with the integration of both by which you can add or remove your courses, study materials, Time Table etc. manually.

Fee and Salary Management: The main important feature of ERP is that universities now can manage all the Fee and Salary of their Students and Teachers respectively. Sending Notification for Fee payment and all necessary activities are also done by eCampus A2A.

Automated One Touch System: All the resource planning process of your entity will be automated with the help of eCampus A2A and all the management tasks become easy and go with the smooth flow with the one touch.

With the lots of helpful features and tools eCampus A2A Software becomes very important for universities to install in their system. With all the Automation System the human interaction is very low and protects your team from being infected with all the ongoing bacterias and viruses. Communication through A2A between Colleagues and Teacher-Students became easy which helps in engaging more with them.

The Automation Process of A2A Software is very helpful for the education sector to engage and boost more revenue. CRM plays an important role in getting admission and customer support to be more with your audience. LMS provides a new teaching method and creates an unbreakable bond between teachers and students to understand each other’s requirements and progress more for better learning. Without any extra human interaction the risk of infection becomes very low and protects you from being infected with bacterias and viruses.

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