Why should Universities invest in LMS Softwares?

Why should Universities invest in LMS Softwares?

Why should Universities invest in LMS Softwares?

As technology improves, human interaction with the world increases. Similarly in the Education Sector the method of teaching changes time to time. You remember when you were a kid and you started your learning with white chalk and write in Black Slate and erase it with your own hands, by this you can estimate how much technology develops in the education sector. Technology plays an important role in understanding any loophole and fixing it with new technology. So in this blog we learn how technology changes the pattern of Teaching and learning. From Chalk and Slate to Software AI Learning and Why should universities invest in Learning Management System (LMS) Softwares?

Universities which run their all processes manually are faced with some serious problems like loss in revenue, not proper student interaction, problems in teaching and learning etc. While some Universities change their methods parallel to Technologies, they are always ready to adapt new technologies in their Universities. Nowadays, Learning Management System is the software which provides better learning and teaching experience to students and teachers respectively. eCampus introduced their LMS with lots of features and tools which helps in work effectively and provide better learning and understanding to students.

What is the Learning Management System and how it benefits Universities?

Learning Management System is the software or tools which is included in the bundle of eCampus which is all automated and provides smooth and seamless learning and teaching experience. With their dashboards teachers have access to add teaching related materials and their Personal Manager to keep updating them with their daily tasks. LMS provides the customised dashboards to add academic and course related documents like Time Table, Study Materials in the format of Pictures, Videos, Documents etc., Personal Manager to notify teachers of their daily tasks.

While Teachers have so many helpful tools, LMS also helps Students in their Learning process. With no use of physical books LMS Software have subject wise ebooks, course related documents, Infographics in Photo and Video Format, Time Table, and most important tool is eCampus provides each and every student to check their progress which are also integrated with the Teachers dashboards to also update teachers to check progress of their Students.


Some of the helpful features of LMS are:

Customised Dashboard: With little bit of manual process eCampus LMS have personalised dashboards which helps Universities to add Course related documents of all their Courses and subjects which helps Teachers to provide a better learning experience to their students.

Personal Manager: eCampus LMS helps teachers to manage their work schedule with their Personal Manager which helps teachers with their notifications and Assignment Management. While having very busy and tight schedules their Personal Managers help to manage their Time Table of their daily tasks. For Students, eCampus provides progress in their overall learning and helps them to focus on specific subjects in which they need to learn more.

Learn from anywhere: With having all course related materials, LMS provides freedom for students to learn from anywhere and create their habit to learn and focus more in their studies. LMS have all their course related information in the form of videos and infographics of all covered topics which benefits students in deep learning of every subject.

Motivational Design: While updating regarding their progress the motivational design of LMS Dashboards which shows their progress motivates students to learn more about this topic to make it 100% to gain all information about this topic.

Why Universities invest in LMS Softwares?

By changing their educational methods from time to time, the educational sector now has to start using Softwares to provide better learning experiences to their students. Softwares cuts off all the cost of Physical Books and provides resources to check progress of all students. With providing all necessary information to teachers and students, LMS creates an efficient and effective work environment.

Better Learning Experience: eCampus LMS provides the better learning experience to their students with all the inbuilt course materials to learn from anywhere at any time. Personalised and Motivational Students Dashboards to check their progress to learn more about that specific subject.

Cloud Based Storage: With having Unlimited Cloud Based Storage, Universities have access to add all their important information in single storage which benefits admin not to worry about. Everyone can get access to their desired content in a single click.

No use of Physical Books: With having all automated content, Universities don’t have to spend their money on physical books which benefits directly to the environment with no more use of papers.

Online Exam Platform: Universities can conduct their exams online with LMS software directly from any location and students do not have to worry about writing exams in university premises.


By changing in Technology Universities should use automated softwares to provide a better learning environment to their students and provide them with the best experience for their learning method. Universities can increase their revenue with the use of the eCampus App learning bundle which benefits all their Processes. eCampus A2A provides the best experience to the educational sector to boost their revenue. eCampus have other important tools apart from LMS which are CRM, HRMS, ERP etc. So Universities should have to invest in eCampus Learning Software.

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