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A seamless teaching-learning process LMS is enabled by the various elements of the eCampus Learning Management System(LMS). eCampusLMS centrally hosts learning and development programs and helps you create and manage course materials, and digitises all learning-based solutions.

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What are the features of Learning Management System?

Academics configuration

Relax as you set up your eCampus LMS software with everything related to academics, including labs, libraries, field trips, and more. Everything is managed in LMS based on your requirements with the customised eCampus Academic Configuration.


You will experience personalization with LMS where students can track their progress through reports, which adds a personal touch, thanks to LMS. In LMS, reading speed will be monitored, and based on this data, they will be given advice, such as that they can complete this unit in 6-7 days.

Assignment & Time Table management

Manage your lectures and studies effectively in LMS now with assignment and timetable management. LMS efficiently generates assignments and in addition, deadlines are provided to the students which helps the students to meet the deadline.


With gamification technology, everything within the LMS learning system will be entertaining. The goal of LMS is to increase learners' enjoyment and engagement by piquing their interest and motivating them to continue learning.

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Build your digital Library


Academic configuration with ease

With course introduction and course planning, everything is managed according to your requirements with ease.


Map daily lessons

Plan your daily lessons and create engaging online courses by mastering the mapping process.


Upload content with ease

To ensure effective learning, you can easily upload resources like e-books, lecture videos, assignments, and more.


Empower students to study Anytime & Anywhere

Give your students the freedom to learn digitally using our automated LMS software.

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We make your experience personalised to grow with us affordably

eCampus combines all the necessary tools with an obsessive focus on simplicity and making your experience personalised to increase admissions & student satisfaction.

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An efficient solution for administration, documentation, reporting, tracking, and online learning opportunities is a learning management system. It is also called "e-learning" because the software provides a virtual classroom-like environment for both instructors and learners of educational institutions.

In educational institutions, learning management systems give teachers a variety of tools to provide students with engaging learning experiences while ensuring they meet planned objectives. Using reporting tools that allow teachers to create personalized reports, they gain important insights into their students' performance levels and the subject areas in which they need additional help.

With eCampus integrated LMS software makes your workflow in the institution seamless. 1. Set up and Manage groups 2. Customize Interaction 3. Assigning and Grading Assignments 4. Digital Portfolios 5. Make Grading Easy

Yes. Learning management systems are frequently used to proctor exams and track students' grades in real-time so that teachers may rapidly spot anyone who might be cheating.

Implementing learning management systems in education allows instructors to monitor learners' progress toward course completion, identification of knowledge gaps, levels of participation and engagement, and the time required to complete the course.

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