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One-of-a-kind and all-in-one Education CRM, which is crafted to help you streamline, automate, manage, and scale your admissions. It unifies all the disparate approaches and silos between your admission teams, enabling you to efficiently attract, engage, and enrol candidates. It does this by centralising leads across sources and allocating leads to different team members, as well as by personalising marketing automation and mapping counsellor productivity.

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What are the features of CRM?

Lead management

Your university will work more effectively if you use a lead management system in Education CRM to track and process leads in real time. The tightly integrated solution with the best CRM for education checks and maintains the quality of lead flow by managing every lead acquired from different platforms in one place.

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing in education CRM helps you build and maintain engagement with prospects. Never miss a lead again with dynamic lead assignment, boost performance, and scale your captures with advisor dashboards that optimise and increase productivity with education CRM.

Rule Based Automation

You can complete your tasks and activities in minutes without human assistance with education CRM. Education CRM is designed to execute business processes that deliver a superior customer experience and increase operational efficiency. Rule-based automation is often used to automate tedious tasks.

Marketing Management

Use interactive emails, WhatsApp messages, SMS and push notifications to engage your target audience with education CRM. Customised, CRM marketing management focuses on targeting and growing your audience by receiving in-depth analytics to increase marketing effectiveness.

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Steps to configure your own CRM


Configure auto fetching

To ensure efficient processing of leads, you should integrate your CRM with all of your social media landing pages.


Define sources & stages

Give each of your leads its own source and stage for better analysis.


Setup Marketing Automation

Communicate with each potential customer via WhatsApp, SMS and email while keeping track of their activities.


Generate more revenue

Improve the efficiency of your entire sales pipeline and increase your revenue.

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We make your experience personalised to grow with us affordably

eCampus combines all the necessary tools with an obsessive focus on simplicity and making your experience personalised to increase admissions & student satisfaction.

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Education CRM is a software designed specifically for the education sector, with the sole purpose of improving the admissions process by digitizing the entire process. It knows the admissions process intimately and makes it easy to manage, integrate and nurture leads. It also automates the admissions process.

With the help of a CRM for education, your teams can focus on increasing admissions. Centralizing data, targeted nurturing, and streamlining processes are critical for higher education institutions due to the increasing complexity and volume of data. Below are some key benefits of a CRM for higher education institutions: 1 Real-Time Visibility and Transparency 2. Centralised Lead Management 3. Easy Integrating With Third Party Services. 4. Increase in sales through marketing.

A CRM serves one critical purpose, while an ERP serves another. Although the two seem incompatible, they are complementary programs that every university must offer. You can use one to simplify admissions, and the other to simplify life on campus for both your students and your internal staff. Even data can be continuously shared from one device to another. eCampus is an educational CRM, LMS and ERP platform with applications, post-application automation platforms and many other platforms that fully manage admissions from inquiry to enrollment.

The benefits it offers to higher education institutions and the tools it provides for optimizing customer relationship management processes, as each CRM process aims to increase overall process effectiveness. The productivity of your marketing, admissions, and customer service teams can be increased by implementing advanced CRM software. Choose eCampus' automated software to improve workflow, increase admissions, and improve process efficiency.

The advantages of eCampus CRM over a free CRM platform. 1. It is designed to integrate with other systems. 2. It is easy and intuitive to use. 3. regular and automatic updates with improvements take place. 4. eCampus CRM provides a personalized experience and is extremely customizable. 5. It is packed with features designed with our users' needs in mind.

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