A seamless teaching-learning process is made possible by the various elements of the eCampus Academic Management System.
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Academics Setup

Relax while setting up your Academic Setup where everything is managed academically.


Establishing your institution's digital identity will boost conversion.

academics session
Academics Sessions

Create, update and monitor the smooth running of all departments and disciplines.


It oversees the operations of all departments & disciplines ensuring a productive workflow.

program & specializations
Program & Specializations

Each programme stands out, easy to find and basically manageable, which further reduces complexity.


Essential to keep track of subjects, and helps in improvement of administrators.


A document that provides all the necessary information about a program & makes it easier to keep track.


Integration helps to improve and make things simpler when the systems used for efficient learning are compatible with it.

lecture slot
Lecture Slot

With a few simple clicks, you can reserve your lecture time and learn efficiently.

lecture venue
Lecture Venue

Learn from anywhere and take courses at your own pace with online education.

Overview of Academic Management: What you should know!


Configure everything with ease

Sit back and relax because academic management makes it easy to manage every aspect of LMS in a way that promotes engagement and effective learning. Connect your LMS to all academic resources, including labs, libraries, field trips, and more. With the specially designed eCampus Academic Management, everything is managed according to your requirements.

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The Key functions in detailed information: Features of the Academic Management

  • Automated Actions for Administrators - This feature allows administrators to schedule repeatable tasks such as user organisation, bulk registration, activation and deactivation. This one platform unifies all internal and external use cases, saving time, money, and unnecessary hassle.
  • Course Management - This academic management feature allows you to quickly and easily design courses, categorise courses, enroll users, and generate reports, saving your administrators time on activities that could be better done automatically.
  • Content integration with LMS - Learning management systems (LMS) provide learning content compiled according to users' needs, such as learning modules, assignments, and video lectures, so that students can learn at their own pace.
  • Gamification - Gamification technology, everything within the LMS will be enjoyable with academic management. The goal is to increase learners' enjoyment and engagement by piquing their interest and motivating them to continue learning. They also learn best when they can aim for goals, benchmarks, and achievements, provided it is done in a way that learners still enjoy.
  • Subject Progress & Attendance - A single platform that handles much more in addition to subject progress and attendance management allows the learning experience to be individualised for specific students by offering course formats that are best suited to their individual needs and recommending courses with content relevant to what they have already learned.
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