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eCampus HRMS platform handles everything, including tracking everything from biometric attendance, payroll administration, benefits tracking, leave request approval, and more. It helps ensure a smooth, accurate, open and efficient workflow.

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What are the features of HRMS?

Faculty data management

Faculty data management automates and keeps record of all activities to help in tracking activities like personal data including education qualifications, experience etc.to ensure performance tracking, for greater institutional insights.

Leave management

Since managing leave requests is one of the most time-consuming duties in the HR department, this tool aids in managing employee time-off requests in a seamless, transparent, and accurate manner.

Time tracking and attendance management

To maintain a better work-life balance and increase productivity, time tracking and attendance management monitors and optimises the hours that employees spend working to keep track of it.

Performance management

You can define your objectives, assess the performance of others, and monitor your development and performance using a performance management system.

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Biometric integration with 3rd party software

Seamlessly captures the time of employees who leave, go and don't show up and creates accurate reports.


Real time attendance & sync

With an automated, centralized time and attendance system and sync, you can ensure accurate information about attendance data.


Leave management

Now manage employee leave requests in a seamless, transparent, and accurate way with Leave Management.


Payroll management

The time and attendance system captures attendance data in real time, with payroll automatically sends that data to payroll software, resulting in accurate payroll.

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