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A user-friendly & secure online exam system helps students take exams from any location. eCampus online examination platform is user-friendly for everyone and is designed with an understanding of the requirements for University Management system.

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What are the features of Online Examination Platform ?

Pre- examination management

Pre-examination management aids in several procedures that must be completed before any exams, such as data setup, faculty information, and course mapping for students.

Conduct examination

Conduct examination securely with eCampus integrated L2L software. It streamlines the invigilator procedure and makes it simple for students to access the question paper. Exam results are readily available to students digitally, and it keeps track of test-taker numbers.

Post examination management

To manage post-examination This tool assists you in managing all post-examination requirements, including computing final exam scores and publishing grades. It monitors each step to ensure a smooth data delivery process.

Proctoring tools

The eCampus proctoring tool is the most intelligent system, offering academic institutions cutting-edge automated online proctoring services like video proctoring, audio proctoring, image proctoring, and human-based. It actively maintains the integrity of exams.

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Set up a Question bank

Create a question bank adapted to the situation, offer a flawless online exam and guarantee the security of the exam.


Upload Question paper with ease

Use our automated exam question upload software to minimize the workload and save time.


Enable Security measures

The online exam platforms are secured with proctored tools to ensure a secure exam.


Conduct examinations smoothly

With integrated L2L software, exams can be conducted smoothly with multiple tools available to avoid complexity.

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eCampus combines all the necessary tools with an obsessive focus on simplicity and making your experience personalised to increase admissions & student satisfaction

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User-friendly and secure online examination system helps students take tests from any location. The platform is made to be user-friendly for everyone and was developed with an understanding of the demands. To help you simplify the registration process and provide your users with a seamless experience, with integrated tools

Ecampus platform supports various types of questions. The different question types help assess candidates' knowledge and understanding after a learning module. They are critical to student development and engagement. The administrator gets access to them for task or subject specific assessment requirements.

The platform's "dashboard" provides an optimized overview of all student activities. It shows the time and effort distribution of the student while studying for the exam. A student can analyze his strengths and weaknesses in terms of accuracy and speed in the dashboard, which helps him perform better in exams.

It checks the validity of the examinee and eliminates suspicious behavior throughout the exam using proctored tools on the online exam platform. The software ensures that the candidate has a shared screen with video and audio recording even before the exam begins. In addition, impersonation is unlikely.

With ecampus' integrated software and automated processes, manual tasks for evaluators are eliminated, creating a smooth and seamless workflow. With the help of a custom report card tool in an online review platform, digital report cards can be easily created using customizable templates.

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