"Google Bard vs OpenAI ChatGPT? New AI Rivalry"
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Google Bard vs OpenAI ChatGPT? New AI Rivalry

Google Bard vs OpenAI ChatGPT? New AI Rivalry

After the success of OpenAI ChatGPT, Google introduced its rivalry with its own Chatbot with the name “BARD”. Through the latest blog of Sundar Pichai CEO of Google and Alphabet said that Google is coming with its new AI based chatbot “BARD” which is opened for trusted testers from Monday, with plans to make it available for the public in the coming weeks.

ChatGPT which was released in November by OpenAI got very high success with its features like people getting accurate answers for their queries. Even simple queries like essays on a topic, Story Writing, How to queries etc. get accurate answers. Basically ChatGPT learns user intention with the query and gives its response.

The User query which was solved by Google is now shifted to ChatGPT by which Google’s online search is facing a huge drop. So Google comes with its new AI Technology for the users query “BARD”.

After the immense attention on ChatGPT, Google Management declared a code red situation for its search business. As per Paul Buchheit, one of the creators of GMAIL, warned Google with its tweet “may be only a year or two away from total disruption” due to the rise in AI.

Microsoft also confirmed its plan to invest billions of dollars in OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT with some of its products and as per reports Microsoft also integrated ChatGPT with its Search Engine Bing.

Is there any difference between ChatGPT and BARD?

ChatGPT gets lots of attention with its working behaviour and users get accurate answers for their queries which makes ChatGPT as the leading in its Industry. So to be on top as always Google introduced BARD by their latest blog published by Sundar Pichai. Which shows some of the examples of working behaviour of BARD.

The user asks BARD “new discoveries made by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope in a way that a 9-year-old” for this BARD responds,

-”The first one reads: “In 2023, The JWST spotted a number of galaxies nicknamed ‘green peas.’ They were given this name because they are small, round, and green, like peas.

BARD can be also used to:
– plan a friend’s baby shower
– compare two Oscar-nominated movies
– get lunch ideas based on what’s in your fridge

These queries are as per the post by Google.
But to remind all of you, as in our previous post on ChatGPT “How ChatGPT or ChatBots are killing Students mind?” remind you all that for business and find a solution for query these ChatBots are very helpful and helps businesses to run smoothly with effectiveness and efficiency. But for learning purposes these ChatBots are killing our students’ innovative minds.
So wait for Google’s BARD and see how it can compete with ChatGPT and once again can Google lead in its search business?

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