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Operations Management

Have student management which Effortless helps with student data management and retrieval. All the data you need about your students is consolidated into one platform for easy access and control ensuring security for the same. Features include :
A. Student Profiles
B. Student Directories
C. Personal Information
D. Academic Performance
E. Attendance Data

With just a few clicks, Academic Performance Management gives you an efficient overview of students' academic achievements and performance status. With the customised eCampus Academic Performance Management, everything is managed according to your requirements. Configure everything with ease now while you sit back and relax. Everything in academics is easily configured with LMS to ensure effective learning and increased engagement.

Thanks to effective employee management, your employees will perform better and achieve more. It is a comprehensive process that effortlessly covers almost every aspect of human resources, including hiring new employees, managing payroll, benefits administration and much more. Simplifying workflows will not be a hassle for you as you can manage your staff properly. It not only increases your employees' productivity and motivation, but also ensures data security.

You can expedite communication between teachers, students, and administration using communication management solutions. The focus is on connecting with prospects in a straightforward yet engaging way. We use automated communication that is aligned with the student journey to ensure students receive timely and appropriate information.

We make it easy with Workflow Management that helps you track every step of the process, from lead to application to enrollment, and make sure you know the sources your students are coming from and the accurate Student Quality Index that will ensure efficient conversion rates and increase admissions. Its automated process eliminates manual tasks for evaluators and delivers a smooth and seamless workflow.

Analytical based reports clearly define and record every step in a digestible way for every student about their attendance and progress and enhance the strategic plan for improvement. You can quickly get an overview of how your team is performing on a day-to-day basis or who is the best/worst resource, which translates into the overall performance of the company. We know this is critical, which is exactly why we enable you to visualise it. Use an interactive productivity report to reach your full potential.


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User Management Icon

​​It safely manages, stores, and secures user information and credentials to prevent misuse.

WorkFlow Setup Icon

A smart tool that makes it possible to approach and complete the task more effectively

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The fee-collection procedure is automated & guarantees transparency effectively at scale.

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Effective communication with users to ensure no query goes unanswered.

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It clearly defines & records every step in a digestible way to ensure high conversion rate.

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All forms are easily accessible & can be customised to meet your needs with a template setup tool.

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Assign tasks to teams to enable more secure procedures by defining your user roles.

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Integration's main goal is to improve and simplify the internal data flow to ensure conversions.

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Discover a smarter, faster and more seamless operation solution that helps you automate and simplify the admission process.

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