How to choose the best LMS for Universities?
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How to choose the best LMS for Universities?

How to choose the best LMS for Universities?

From learning through slate and chalk to LMS, technology changes from time to time and helps students to focus more on the desired topic with additional course materials like supportive images, videos, infographics etc. So the Learning Management System is very helpful nowadays for universities to build an automated culture and provide better learning to their students. So why is LMS now trending and why universities should spend on these A2A Softwares?

There are many important features of LMS which benefits Universities to build an Automated Environment which benefits to create an effective and efficient working culture. Teachers have opportunities to guide their students on the right path.

Features of LMS Softwares

  • Customised Dashboards: Personal Dashboards for Teachers which is integrated with students dashboards to check individual performance which helps teachers to focus more on students which are low on performance.
  • Academic Process:With all automated processes Teachers can add or modify course materials which are related as per learning purpose. Teachers can add Academic related processes like Time Table Management, Assignments, Program Process, Communication with Students, Students Progress Report, and course related content etc. which benefits teachers to work effectively.
  • Layers Of Security: With cloud based security the admins have full control to check their storage and hackers cannot get access to the storage which provides Universities to have full control over their Databases.

What are the criteria by which Universities choose the best LMS?

There are lots of LMS Softwares available in the market which provides Learning Management System to Universities to boost their Learning Method but there are some criteria which require investing in LMS Softwares.

  • What type of Content can you add in your Learning Modules? 

While teaching it is the most important thing to understand for Teachers to know the growth of their students and their progress in their respective subjects which helps teachers to get more interaction with those students. So there is an option in their LMS Teachers dashboards to check their Students Progress so while considering any LMS check that feature.

  • Who can get access to the Dashboards?

For creating a secure automated environment some LMS provides layers of security to protect the database of their students and teachers. No one from outside or even inside from the University Premises can get access to others login credentials of LMS without their permission. So Biometrics for Login is mandatory for every LMS.

  • Is there any Gamification mode available?

When it is not as much required but sometimes plays a great role in creating a healthy Teaching and Learning environment. Gamification provides reward points, badges, ratings etc to the students to get motivated during learning which helps them in focusing more in their studies.

  • Can students communicate with Teachers while Online Learning?

Is there any option of Communication between students and teachers during their Online Learning and while they are studying in their rooms. It is mandatory to remove communication barriers between students and teachers which helps in building trust and motivation among students.


These are some of the important features to have in Universities LMS for building a new level of teaching and learning process. But it is difficult to get all these features in a single LMS. So after knowing all this Ecampus 2a launched its LMS and put all these features in one software which makes eCampus A2A Software best in that category.

With having all these features in their LMS, eCampus has other important softwares for all Universities processes and makes them Automated. In bundles of there softwares Universities get:


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