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What is an Admission Management System?

By eliminating manual work and providing a quick and easy enrollment process, the admissions platform helps you achieve the admissions you're aiming for. With automation leading to scalable approvals, you can easily keep track of the entire approval process on one platform and get the job done efficiently.

Of course, the admissions process can sometimes be tedious and difficult. It involves a lot of paperwork, including creating course lists, collecting documents, selection, and admission. So with the help of digital solutions, the admission process can be simplified in a cost-effective way.

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Why is an Admission Management System a necessity?

Admissions processes are evolving. Every aspect, from how students interact with institutions to how institutions manage the entire admissions process, is changing daily. If you are facing the following difficulties, you should consider implementing an admissions management system:

  • Low ratio of inquiries to admissions.
  • Inadequate real-time capture, tracking, and management of student requests, resulting in leakage.
  • There is no system in place to track dropout rates.
  • Counsellors use Excel spreadsheets to monitor the entire admissions process, leading to confusion and increased leakage.

Admission is a unified process that should be managed on a consistent platform. That's exactly what Admission Management Software can help you do. It creates efficiency, brings your staff onto one platform, and allows you to scale your admissions with a variety of tools that enable you to manage the entire student process seamlessly!

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Manage Operations Efficiently

You don't have to worry anymore, as ERP handles all tasks in the student admission process flawlessly from start to finish.

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Study Anytime & Anywhere

Our seamless online application feature allows users to submit forms at any time and from anywhere, increasing the efficiency of admissions.

eCampus Live

Live Classes to Engage Students

Utilise advanced automation to manage document verification for efficient admissions. It optimises the manual work and makes a blazingly speedy process. Now there are live lessons to clarify doubts and questions and make your learning more interactive and effective.

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