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eCampus Admission platform helps you achieve the approvals you want by eliminating manual tasks and ensuring an efficient and simple approval process. A platform for the entire approval process through automation makes it easy for you to stay on top of things and manage the task with efficiency.

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What are the features of Admission Management?

Multi- step form

Manages & simplifies the information captured from document to review, including a hassle-free payment option. With access to a dynamic form in the University management system, with a predefined template, you can easily customise it using the drag-and-drop selection method, increasing interaction.

Auto- enrollment system

With the support of education CRM , it was possible to develop an automatic enrollment system that eliminates the need for manual work and ensures an efficient and simple enrollment process with the University management system.

Ticketing System

The ticketing system manages & maintains a list of complaints raised by customers in the University management system. Raised tickets are updated on the support team's board, ensuring lightning-fast assignment of requests to users and eliminating delays with the University management system.

Reports & analytics

Examine & analyse data from multiple applications with eCampus' advanced applications of reports & analytics in university management system. Each step is clearly defined & recorded in an understandable way, while analytics allows you to dig deeper into the data with university management system.

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Steps to Manage your Admissions


Manage enrollments

To avoid problems, collect all converted enrollments in one place.


Manage every Inquiry

Use our ticketing system to efficiently handle each incoming inquiry and make the session interactive.


Seamless payments

Process your payments on a secure and reliable platform with an automated fee payment system.


Streamline admission management

Your targeted admission is supported by the admission platform, which also guarantees a fast and easy enrollment process.

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