How eCampus A2A Benefits the Education Sector in Covid Pandemic?

How eCampus A2A Benefits the Education Sector in Covid Pandemic?

How eCampus A2A Benefits the Education Sector in Covid Pandemic?

As we all know how we have passed through the time of covid and people around us have taken care of themselves.Big businesses which were touching the height of success at some point of time also came down at this time.People had stopped meeting, playing, roaming among themselves because of this Fear.As people wanted to meet, the technology industry did its work at that time and introduced people to each other through video calls and online games.

Technology has progressed so much that teachers do not have to meet students personally to know about their progress. Open lms and see the progress for every individual. From the procedure of Admission till their education period A2A Software helps the Education Sector in their process.

What is A2A Software by eCampus?

So basically eCampus provides A2A Software for all your needs in the Education Sector. From Admission Process to the Student Teaching Progress eCampus gives all the tools like CRM, LMS, HRMS, Admission Management, Online Examination Platform etc. provides all the necessary tools to boost your revenue and admission process.

Admission -> CRM -> ERP -> LMS


How eCampus A2A Benefits the Education Sector in Covid Pandemic?
How eCampus A2A Benefits the Education Sector in Covid Pandemic?


All Tools perform smoothly and make your all processes work easier which saves your Time and Energy

Features of A2A Software by eCampus

By making efficiency in all your ongoing activities A2A provides all the necessary features to boost revenue of educational institutions by using A2A Software. Some of main features of A2A are:

Powerful Dashboards: With the customised dashboards you can measure and analyse each and every individual Progress and track their Activities which benefits to take further decisions for future growth.

Academic Progress: All processes are automated which benefits the students to check their progress and learn academic courses which are manually stored in the database to teach students your respected courses.

Data with Security: All the data are secured with layers of security to protect the users data. Universities can manage their data with one touch all in one place which saves their time and resources.

Automated Application: All the applications under A2A are totally Automated and learns users behaviour through AI based system provides smooth and better experiences to learn.

Admission Management: Admission Management tool helps universities to utilise their time efficiently by tracking their leads and sending follow up calls according to their behaviour.

More Features that you cannot Ignore

During the time of Pandemic Virtually learning benefits a lot to both student and teacher to learn new things but hardly to manage and check individual progress to understand and make decisions as per the student progress. But eCampus A2A Software helps educational institutes with this problem. You can manage and check individual progress reports and courses time period to track the progress of every student. It benefits both Teachers and students to understand and make decisions like what things they have to learn and what problem is occurring while they teach.
Online Exams create a rough mind of invigilator to check individual students if they found anyone cheating. But with the help of A2A Invigilator secured with layers of security. It will automatically detect students and notify invigilators to take action on it.

Why Universities Invest in eCampus A2A?

As no one has any surety about anything so this time don’t take any chances and understand the process of automation and virtual understanding of health. eCampus A2A has the capability to transform your way of thinking and pattern of learning and teaching which benefits both teachers and students. Through LMS, both Teachers and students can see the progress of the individual student and help them to choose what they have to learn and what they need to understand. At the Pandemic it helps counsellors in increasing admissions and making a great Customer Relation Management. So the CRM of A2A eCampus learns user behaviour and connects with all social communication networks and gives you important information at a single touch.


In the end, for better Customer Relationship Management and new learning techniques to boost your learning capability eCampus A2A is the right choice. For Universities, it helps in making good CRM and boost revenue without costing extra in marketing. Teachers can check individual student progress and add relevant study material for better understanding with the help of customised UI dashboard. Other important features like ERP and HRM also helps universities to run smoothly with all automation process.

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