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Highly customizable and interactive application forms with the best of features to give prospective students an experience to remember. What’s more, you get to streamline your management system from start to end!

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What are the features of Automated Application?

Enquiry and Application Management

Track and manage multiple inquiries received from different platforms consistently securely with smart enquiry and advanced Application Manager where no question goes unanswered.

AI Form Builder

With an obsessive focus on streamlining your workflow, providing highly configurable interactive forms that are ready to use by using a drag & drop form builder built without using codes.

Iframe Form Embedding

Iframe Form embedding makes your form dynamic & simple and yet effective as a frame on your webpage or an external resource. It makes your form look seamless and customizable without any codes.

Payment Management

Secure and reliable platform to manage your payments Payment Management assists with flexible payment options. With seamless auto-splitting of payment methods and single view of the ledger summary makes it an essential aspect.

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Steps to Build Your Own Application Form


Choose a predefined template

Design application forms in minutes as per your demands with multiple templates available without using codes to enhance the form and raise engagement.


Select the number of steps to finish

Create a personalised application form and choose the number of steps you want so that users find it interactive and engageable.


Drag and drop fields to create the form

Without any coding, you can drag and drop forms into place using a drag and drop form builder, which helps to boost conversions and create dynamic experiences.


Publish to generate embed code

In order to increase enrollment and provide users with a dynamic experience, an embedded HTML code is created to be put on other websites to drive more admissions.

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eCampus combines all the necessary tools with an obsessive focus on simplicity and making your experience personalised to increase admissions & student satisfaction

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