How ChatGPT or ChatBots are killing Students mind?

How ChatGPT or ChatBots are killing Students mind?

How ChatGPT or ChatBots are killing Students mind?

Technology, Technology, Technology everywhere is surrounded and upgraded with this term. Technology is the word which basically means evolving with previous versions with some updates. For Example: Mobile Phones, The best example for technology. From a landline to now a Smartphone. Everything with smartphones has become easy, you can connect with anyone around the world with a simple click unlike in previous times to connect with neighbour cities it was quite difficult. Nowadays you hear the word ChatGPT continuously from everyone, lots of articles published on the Internet with this topic, everyone sharing their views and expertise. So What is ChatGPT and is it good for our Students?

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a Chatbot created by OpenAI which works in that manner when a user describes their query it automatically understands it and gives a proper and exact answer for the query. Which makes it the best next update of the same like Googlebot, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa etc. Sometimes these 3 can be incorrect but ChatGPT is more accurate or best in technology. Some important features or benefits which makes ChatGPT best in their industry.

– 24*7 Available
– Have the Fastest Response Time.
– 99.9% Accurate.
– Useful for Businesses in creating their
– Email Campaigns.
– Social Media Marketing.
– Generate Reports

Is ChatBot really good for Students?

But are you okay with these features like for Businesses it is good to work efficiently and effectively but for students you think it is good for them? Like those who spend most of their time on the Internet even for Assignments and Projects they use the Internet. For small things like writing an essay on a topic they use the internet. For growth of business ChatGPT is useful but for learning purposes it slowly destroys innovative minds.

ChatBots basically works with AI which understands user behaviour but it is not accurate which often lacks the sophistication and empathy of speaking with a real life human. Moreover they get answers from their databases but sometimes they do not fulfil the exact need of the user.

When everything is in their hands then they will become addicted to finding any answer with the internet without using their own minds. Which somehow destroys their own capability of thinking or innovation. Which can be the limitations of ChatGPT or ChatBot.

Impacts of ChatBots on Students

While more use of ChatBots will decrease the thinking ability of students and slow down their innovative minds. They will totally depend on ChatBots for even their small queries. While at the learning period they don’t get that much attention on their Lectures and at the end of the day they don’t consume any new learning or topic. So implementing ChatBots in Businesses is good and it will give you results but it also reduces your manpower if every query is done with ChatBots.

With the high usage of ChatBots students can suffer most of the time. For Example: While writing Exams, Group Discussions or Debates, Interaction with some innovative minds or even on their learning. For the best learning eCampus provides their LMS integrated with teachers dashboard which shows the progress report of every individual student directly in teachers dashboard which helps Teachers to focus more on their students And also helps students in motivating their behaviour at learning period.

eCampus have lots of tools in their software bundles for growing the Educational Sector especially Universities in boosting their revenue and automating their all processes.

In their software bundle Universities will get:

Customer Relationship Management: Smooth and highly AI based software is very important for the Educational sector in their Marketing and recruitment of Students. Without CRM, all processes will be time consuming which can lose your quality leads and with the CRM you can focus more on the students which are very serious for your university or college.

Learning Management System: A smooth teaching and learning process are enabled with the help of various features of LMS. LMS provides customised development programs and helps teachers to add course materials, Time Tables etc to make all teaching methods digital.

Human Resource Management System: eCampus HRMS platform makes all the Human Resource process automated. With AI based tracking systems you can easily manage your attendance, salary management, leave request and approval and more. It creates a smooth,digital and accurate workflow.

Admission Management: A2A Admission and Enrollment tool plays an important role in adding or eliminating applications you get through your admission process. By this your overall process turns into an efficient and simple task. Helps you in managing the task on the Time.

Online Examination Platform: A Highly secured and friendly platform to organise and monitor exams with the AI based Proctoring tool. Helps invigilators to deeply examine the students’ behaviour while writing exams.

So learning with ChatBots is not the right thing to do but for searching queries it can be good.


ChatBots and ChatGPT for Businesses helps in doing work efficiently and effectively with giving accurate responses to their users. But for learning purposes for Students it kills their innovative mind and makes them addicted to using ChatBots even for their small queries. So for business ChatBots gets Thumbs Up but for Students Thumbs Down.

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