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How eCampus A2A HRMS relaxed the Human Resource Team?

How eCampus A2A HRMS relaxed the Human Resource Team?

As we all know, for building an Industry their Human Resource plays an important role. By Giving their Talent, Skills, Energy, and their resources to keep pushing their workspace. The Growth of an Industry is totally dependent on their work people. So to hire these talents Talent Acquisition Team or Human Resource Team do their best to acquire these talents and give their best to sustain them in their Workspace by providing them all types of resources they want like On Time Salary, Leave Management or everything they want to increase their skills.

What is HRMS Software by eCampus A2A?

By analysing these problems eCampus A2A provides HRMS software for Universities to manage their Faculty all data management to give more time to relax for their Human Resource Team. Without HRMS software the Team does all tasks manually which can reduce their energy and cannot work efficiently which can drop down their productivity. eCampus A2A HRMS Software is totally Automated Software which has capability to perform all tasks of a HR by less time on a Single Click.

Features of HRMS Software

There are lots of Features in HRMS Software which makes it mandatory for Universities HR to boost their productivity. Some of the important features of HRMS are:

Department Data Management: Department Data Management also known as Faculty Data Management is a process in which all the important and personal data of Faculties are stored in a Cloud Data Storage. Which benefits HRs to track activities and performance of their Faculties. Through the Cloud Data Storage HRs can manage and check all the personal data of Faculties like Educational Qualification, work experience etc to create University Insights High.

Leave Management: One of the most energy consuming task is to manage leaves of faculties which also consume more time. So with the help of HRMS software the Leave Management Task will be automated and provides seamless, transparent and accurate leave management.

Time Tracking: Tracking Time by eCampus A2A HRMS is a Automated Process because by the Biometric Attendance the entry and exit of Faculties are accurate and helps in monitoring the working hours of Faculties.

Attendance Management: By Biometric Attendance Process the accurate time will record which benefits HRs to check the Attendance of the Faculties. Entry and Exit will record with accurate time so all the processes running smoothly and efficient workflow are created.

Performance Management: Automated Process benefits all the employees to increase their productivity and performance. With all the accurate monitoring and smooth workflow the time and energy consuming process will not happen. The Performance Management process helps HRs to maintain all records accurately and help them to monitor their individual performance. With this skills and performance will increase.

eCampus A2A Software provides seamless and smooth automation of all processes whether it is Lead Management, Admission Process, Performance Management, Learning and Teaching Process and Resource Planning. All the important tasks which were done manually with the help of eCampus A2A Software bundle all processes will be automated which helps Universities to boost their revenue and also helps in creating efficient behaviour between their faculties.

Tools of HRMS Software

Tools which benefit the Human Resource Team to maintain all records accurately which benefits directly to the growth of University to boost their revenue. So tools which benefits HRs and Universities are

Biometric Integration: With all the automation processes the attendance and time management process will be accurate with the Biometric Integration. Biometric Integration captures users’ records at the real time and helps to manage Attendance and Time Management.

Leave Management: With all data captured at real time the HRMS provides a seamless, Transparent and accurate leave management process. By clicking one simple touch the faculties can apply for leave and their request will go at the dashboard of HR in real time. So HR can easily manage the leaves of their employees.

Salary Management: With all the real time accuracy capturing features the attendance and Time Management process helps HR to maintain their payroll in a very efficient way.



When all the processes of Universities are manual, all the processes consume the time and energy of all the working people which somehow is bad for the growth of Universities. eCampus A2A makes all the process Automation which benefits Universities to boost their revenues. The Process of Lead Management, Admission Management, Faculty Management and Teaching and Learning Management Process will become easy and run smoothly with accurate performance tracking. So eCampus A2A provides a Software which benefits Universities to turn their Manual process into Automation Process.