How Online Examination Platform is useful during Pandemic Period?
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How Online Examination Platform is useful during Pandemic Period?

How Online Examination Platform is useful during Pandemic Period?

As we all know that at the Covid Pandemic Period Universities are in a very bad situation for taking exams for their Students. If they take exams in university premises there is a high chance of spreading viruses and if they take exams Online, then there is a high chance of students to cheat in exams. So they don’t have any useful resources which help them to monitor the behaviour of Students and catch them while they cheat. Without having useful resources the invigilator task will increase and they have to check each and every student individually.

By taking these problems seriously and discussing with many universities eCampus A2A comes with a Online Examination Platform which also helps in Monitoring Students behaviour. Online Examination Platform helps students to take exams from any location without getting infected from harmful viruses like Covid-19.

What is an Online Examination Platform?

Online Examination Platform is a software from eCampus A2A which helps universities to conduct exams online and helps them in monitoring their students behaviour. It is very user-friendly and secure by layers of security. Students can take exams from any location they want without getting affected by any Bacterias and Viruses. OEP understands all the problems of Universities and solves them with his inbuilt tools and features which makes Online Examination Platform a mandatory system for Universities while conducting exams.

Features of Online Examination Platform by eCampus A2A

By conducting exams in a secured way without affecting the students health OEP also helps invigilators with their Post and Pre Examination Tasks. Some of the important features of Online Examination Platform by eCampus A2A are:

Pre-Examination Management: OEP helps Universities in Pre-Examination process like student data setup, Invigilators Information, Course Management System which also helps teachers in Learning Management System (LMS).

Conduct Examination: By helping in the Pre Examination process OEP perform their best feature at the time of Conducting Examination. OEP helps in streamline all the processes of Invigilator and helps students in accessing Question Paper. By notifying at a point of time about the duration of time left it helps students to successfully complete all their Question Answers.

Post-Examination Process: By helping in Pre Examination Process and in conducting Exam OEP helps invigilators in the post examination process. It assists in managing all the data of students and helps in calculating final examination scores. With the layers of security and scheduling feature OEP delivers the final score at the time of result at the dashboard of Students. The processes of OEP are all automated with any human interaction.

Proctoring Tool: One of the most intelligent and AI based Feature which monitors the behaviour of students in a real time. With the additional features of Video Proctoring, Image Proctoring and Audio Proctoring it also captures the movement and records students’ audio which helps Invigilator to point out that student.

eCampus A2A solves all the problems of Universities by turns their manual process into Automation Process which benefits in streamlining and smooth running of University Processes. With other important features like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Learning Management System (LMS), Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and Online Examination Platform (OEP) turns all process in automation process which benefits Universities Faculties to perform any task with one simple touch.

The Process for Conducting an Online Examination is very easy with the help of Online Examination Platform their process is easy to understand and invigilators can do it with understanding it in its first attempt.


Process of Conducting First Online Examination with OEP

The very first process of conducting any examination to set up the Question Bank and arrange them in a successful manner. With the help of OEP the time will be saved and helps in doing the next task. Invigilators only have to upload one simple Question Paper in the respective Format and select students for the particular Exam.

After arranging the Question Paper and selecting students, the very next task is to schedule the time for Exam and deliver the Question Paper at the right time to the dashboard of the students. When Question Paper is successfully uploaded the invigilators only have to select the scheduling time. For Ex. If the Question Paper is scheduled for 9:00 AM then the Question Paper will automatically transfer to the selected students dashboard at sharp 9:00 AM.

At the time of Ongoing Exam time Invigilator activates the proctoring tool which monitors all the behaviour of Students to check their moment. If any student comes in the radar of Proctoring Tool it automatically highlights that student and helps the invigilator to check that student.

With all the important tools, the Online Examination Platform by eCampus A2A helps Universities to conduct exams seamlessly and in a smooth manner without any complexity.



With learning all the important features of Online Examination Platform the conclusion is very clear that for making all processes automated Universities have to use eCampus A2A software to perform their task seamlessly and in a smooth manner. With all the important tools and features like CRM, LMS, OEP, ERP etc. eCampus is mandatory for Universities which helps universities to boost their revenue and performance. With help of Online Examination Platform Universities will seamless their Examinations process with all automation processes.

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