One platform solution that manages everything from Admission to Alumni. Smart solutions with A2A integrated software helps to boost admission, enhance operations and optimize student satisfaction affordably.
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Edtech Team Setup

Relax while setting up your Edtechteam Setup where everything is managed seamlessly.

Quality Lead Flow

The quality of leads flowing into your system can be improved by using Dynamic Lead Flow.

One View Lead Profile

Use One-View Lead Profile to quickly summarize a lead, capture all the information you need in one place, & efficiently drive your leads to conversions.

Instant Notifications

Receive instant notifications and increase customer engagement at every step to attract more potential customers.

Multiple Payment Modes

make paying admission fees simple & easy for your prospective students with multiple payment alternatives to choose from.

Communication Channel

Get Advance engaging interactions with the Communication panel to maximize admissions.

Productivity Reports

The productivity report helps keep track of how effectively it nurtures leads for scalable growth and enrollment.

Engage & Convert

Convert visitors into leads, nurture those leads to conversion, and continually improve your ROI.

Reports & Analytics

Leverage sophisticated eCampus reports and analytics applications to explore and analyze data from multiple applications.

Attendance Management system

Give your employees the ability to mark their presence from anywhere with check-in/check-out capabilities.

Overview of Edtech Team: What you should know !


Dedicated to Empowering Institutes With vision of Digitization

The main goal of eCampus EdTech A2A is to give EdTech companies, communication channels and marketing teams, the tools they need to increase enrollment and improve learning management systems. It's a single platform with all the features needed to grow your institution. Enable your teams to enroll better and faster without worrying about third-party integrations using incredibly easy-to-use tools like the Automated Application, Online Examination Platform, communications platform with integrated payment management, remarketing connectors, and webhooks.

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The Key Features in Detailed information : Features of Edtech Teams

  • Lead Acquisition - A2A Software centralizes, manages and distributes your incoming inquiries across many channels, including online, offline and educational markets, digital agencies and social media, ensuring no leads are lost.
  • Communication Channel- Get ahead of the communications panel with engaging interactions to increase registrations. The focus is on connecting with prospects in a straightforward yet engaging way. The solution provides efficient admissions optimization, scalable marketing, and targets prospects through automated calls, SMS, emails, and other techniques.
  • Auto - enrollment System - With the support of CRM, an Auto-Enrolment system that was coupled with automation easily and automatically enrolled students, eliminating the manual task and ensuring an efficient and easy enrollment process.
  • Personalization - Give your candidates access to a highly customizable central dashboard that tracks their entire experience. With a central dashboard to apply, track, communicate, and buy courses, you can improve the candidate experience and increase engagement at every stage.
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