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We brought everything together on a single platform with comprehensive solutions & aim to revolutionise the administrative and educational processes of higher education institutions by digitization.
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Revolutionise the way your Institution is managed with eCampus

With a broad vision and intent of providing a focused platform for improved education management and online learning in mind, we set out on our adventure in 2018.

Since then, we enhanced our products and offerings by productising feedback from our extremely valuable end-users (Professors, Students, other operational users) along with industry experts like Blackboard Education.

We brought everything together to eCampus- a single platform with tightly integrated Admission - CRM - ERP - LMS that helps you to boost admissions, enhance operations, optimise adoption and utility across stakeholders of your institution at an affordable price.

Our Defining Principles

Industry Experience
10+ years of experience in education & feedback from valuable end users have helped us to enhance our product.
Quicker Adoption
50% less implementation time by eliminating manual work and making the enrollment process quick.
Cost Efficient
eCampus offers a Comprehensive Enrollment Automation focused Platform that reduces digitization cost by 75%
Engaging & Robust
1.5 lac+ hours of monthly content accessed that help your institution grow.
Trusted & Reliable
Our platform being secure & reliable is used by 10+ institutions & 10k+ students

Core Values, Ethics, and Culture of eCampus App

  • Integrity
  • When we say what we mean, when we back up our words with actions and take responsibility for our actions, we can build trust.

  • Transparency
  • We treat each team member with respect and maintain open communication to foster productive working relationships.

  • Creating value for Clients
  • By being responsive, relevant & continuously creating value, we enable our clients to become high-performing organisations & build lasting partnerships.

  • Individuality is valued
  • The importance of diversity & individual contributions, fostering an atmosphere of openness, trust and inclusion, and treating each individual in accordance with eCampus principles.

  • Trustworthy
  • We are honoured to enjoy the trust of our customers and employees. By prioritising confidentiality, reliability and accountability, we maintain that trust.

  • Competitive
  • We are confident in our abilities as a team and in ourselves, and we do not hesitate to recognize our successes.

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